Starting weight loss

Whatever dieting method or change in food consumption you choose, keep in mind that starting isn’t just about food. Starting involves such psychological activities as readying yourself, being sufficiently motivated, becoming committed, fortifying your intention with plans, thinking of your goals and sub-goals, and much more.
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Sticking to it

When you try to stick to your weight loss plan, you will see just how much mental and emotional “getting yourself to do it” is involved. Adhering to your weight loss plan requires setting goals, constructing sub-goals, and having success in reaching these goals. You will be working your plans, adjusting sub-goals, monitoring your thoughts and behaviors day in and day out.
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Keeping the weight off

Once you reach your weight loss goal, you will no longer be losing weight. Gone will be the safety net of a weight loss diet and the motivational satisfaction of losing weight. What you eat from this point on in the keep it off phase will be more up to you than in the other two phases of weight loss.
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