About Symmetry Press LLC

J&K stand by barn3129_212x152_72dpi.1 copySymmetry Press was formed in June 2005 with the advent of some prose pieces that had as their protagonist a fictional everywoman named Maria. While we were figuring out how to put these pieces together to make our first book, we started a website, MariasLastDiet.com, named after the heroine in the book to be. Within a year the website morphed into a blog site. Now, well over 3,000 blog posts later, there is a steady content-filled MariasLastDiet.com blog.

Blog post after blog post and articles galore became the signature of MariasLastDiet.com. Farther into the background faded Symmetry Press. Not until 2010 did Symmetry open its doors wide enough to let out its first book, Breaking Up With Food: Maria’s Last Diet. The book gave women an opportunity to immerse themselves in Maria’s weight loss story, a behind the scenes look at the psychology that had prevented Maria’s weight loss and the personal changes that finally facilitated it. Psychology dished up in a novel, with characters and plot that a woman could identify with. The idea was to give women the opportunity of immersing themselves in the weight loss story of a fictional everywoman. Our goal was to help women switch from a purely diet and exercise mentality, which wasn’t working, to a psychological model with personal change as the critical agent.

weight cycling Symmetry Press was taking shape: a daily blog, articles, and a book about the psychology of weight loss for women. We were putting the message out there. That Symmetry would be a good place to get help with the personal changes needed for weight loss. Through its series of nonfiction books that followed Breaking Up With Food, Symmetry Press expanded the weight loss formula from weight loss = diet + exercise to psychology X (diet + exercise) = weight loss. This addition to the formula was unavoidable, since diet and exercise by themselves were not working for women. The dismal weight loss statistics attested to this.

We’re pleased that in establishing Symmetry Press we had help from so many different sources. Since the beginning, we have been fortunate that artist and illustrator Paula North created all of our illustrations. And if any of you got a giggle or an outright guffaw from our cartoons for blog posts or in our books, Paula is the gal who did them.

The Donohue Group in Windsor, Connecticut has cataloged each and every one of our books. You can find their handiwork on the copyright page. Pat McCurdy-Crescimanno and her team of catalogers are the people we count on to make our cataloging block so librarians will have all the bibliographic information necessary to quickly add a record for the book to their database or card catalog.

Rounding out the list of our Symmetry Press family members are BookNook.biz, Crimson Designs, and Book Cover Express. On the inside, there is BookNook.biz where Hitch and her cohorts take the pages and words to new heights and give us the files that will go to press. Designing our websites and keeping them running in tip-top shape with a creatively steady grip is Em Howes of Crimson Designs. And Cathi Stevenson of Book Cover Express stepped right up when we needed her to design the cover for Die(t) Trying.

Symmetry Press is a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association, the American Booksellers Association, and the Independent Publishers of New England.