Book | Psych Your Diet: A Daily Dose Volume 1. Psych Yourself to START

By Kenneth Schwarz Ph.D. and Julie North Schwarz

Symmetry Press

Successful weight loss is mostly psychological. The psychological part is about psyching yourself to start, stick to it, and keep it off. If you only have a food plan and exercise, you won’t have what you need to lose weight. But if you pay attention to the psychological side, that’s when losing weight becomes a lot easier. And that’s what the three volumes of Psych Your Diet  are all about.

If you are having trouble starting the weight loss process, Volume 1. Psych Yourself to START is a good place to get help. Making a great start is crucial when you want to lose weight.

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About the Author:

Kenneth Schwarz PhD is a psychologist/psychoanalyst practicing in Connecticut USA. Dr. Schwarz writes with his wife, the writer Julie North Schwarz. Books by the authors include the novel Breaking Up With Food: Maria's Last Diet, the three-volume Psych Your Diet series, Stop Your Emotional Eating, Diet Tuffy: The Fun Way to Seriously Lose Weight, How to Break the First Big Rule of Women Who Stay Fat, 99 Essential Weight Loss Blogposts, and How to Break the Seven Rules of Women Who Stay Fat. The Schwarzes blog at Their blog is for women who need help solving problems preventing them from losing weight.